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We’d like to show you our favorite corner of the world – Wales!

In Wales, you can see a lot in a short amount of time – from historic castles (641 of them!), to mountains (Mount Snowdon, part of the grand Snowdon Massif, known for spectacular views), to 900 miles of quaint coastline. Wales is reasonably priced, easy to get around, filled with friendly people, history and pubs, and…did we mention, drop-dead gorgeous?! Our company were founded by a Welsh-speaking American, with knowledgeable Welsh guides on staff – all of us with a deep love and understanding of Welsh geography, culture and language.

Lonely Planet named North Wales one of the top travel regions in the world for 2017!


We believe that everyone has a different level of adventurousness and comfort when it comes to international travel. So we offer three levels of service.

    1. EXPERT ADVICE: Know where and when you’re traveling to Wales, are comfortable doing all the booking and planning, but just need general travel advice? Use our Expert Advice service. For $50 per half-hour consultation, our experienced adventurers can capably and quickly answer your questions, providing the guidance you need to feel comfortable booking and heading off on your own.
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    1. SELF-GUIDED TOUR PLAN: Know where you’d like to go and prefer to go on your own, but need some help peering into the carpet fibres of Googlemaps to find the lodging, attractions, and routes that will make your adventure memorable? Use our Self-Guided Tour Planning assistance. For $75, one-time, we’ll create a Tour Plan for you with all the bookings you’d like.
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  1.  GUIDED ADVENTURES: Want to join a small group of like-minded people on your journey? Have a look at our guided upcoming itineraries —we’ve several to choose from, and they all promise to be epic!! Prices are listed with each itinerary, and suit people of different ages, fitness, and curiousity.


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What Our Customers Say

“We had no idea how to begin planning our trip. Lori was an absolute lifesaver! She helped us plan the entire vacation – from accommodations, transfers to and from the hotels and parks, and planning our complete itinerary. Without Lori’s help, we would’ve been frazzled and overwhelmed during the week. Instead, we had an awesome – and relaxing – vacation. I highly recommend Lori. She is extremely organized, dependable, knowledgeable, friendly, and energetic.

– Melissa


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