I fell in love with Wales and so will you!

My goal with www.dragoninyourpocket.com is simple – to introduce Americans of all ages, fitness levels, and adventurousness to the treasures,

history, land, and sheer magic that is Cymru (Wales, in English). Here you’ll find:

  • Reviews of Welsh cities, towns, villages, lodgings, eating places (from restaurants to pubs to takeaways (that’s takeout to Americans)).
  • Links to remarkable and magical places to visit, eat, sleep and play.
  • Articles highlighting my own exploration of this charming country, and
  • Travel and packing tips, which I’ve learned from extensive travel over 20 years.

Sound interesting? My team and I will create an effortless, bespoke guided adventure just for you and your friends or family, so you too can meet the delightful and friendly pobl Cymraeg (Welsh people), explore the land, and discover the beauty and magic of Cymru first-hand.

Why Wales? Why Me?

Two years ago, when my daughter Mathilda and I backpacked around Europe to celebrate her transition from high school teen to university adult, we enjoyed every country and town we explored. But when we reached Caerdydd, Cymru (Cardiff, Wales) at the end of our trip, I was completely captivated.Mother/Daughter

Cardiff is filled with an ethereal light (even in rain), lush landscape, and a friendly laid back quality that made me feel more at home than any place I’d ever been, including my birthplace, Atlanta, GA! The Welsh people, the ground, the air, filled me with joy, hope, and energy. As well, I had recently learned about the Wales Coast Path, unified in 2012, which follows the entire Welsh coastline. For a country about the size of Massachusetts, it has a superabundance of coastline – 892 miles!

While in Cardiff that first visit, we walked a bit of the coast path along the barrier in the bay. I was so enchanted, I determined to return one day soon to walk the whole of the path, to better explore the entire country, learn more about myself, and test my own limits.

Mermaid Quay

Mermaid Quay

First Things First – Passing the Welsh Language Exam

So the very next summer, I headed to North Wales to learn dysgu Cymraeg (the Welsh language) – I believe that if I’m spending considerable time somewhere, its polite to learn the native language, plus Welsh is one of the most unique and historic of languages! And now, because I speak Welsh, you don’t have to (unless you want to!).

I spent that Summer in Wales – with North Wales and my Welsh language class at Bangor University as my base – exploring West, South, and Mid Wales. And that’s when the idea to help others discover the lushness of Wales germinated.

And now in 2016, I’m walking the coast path, sitting the Welsh language exam, attending summer school again, making more friends and experiencing even more of the country – from city to wilderness to seacoast.

How My Experience Helps You

Needless to say, I have the contacts, language, geographical knowledge and experience to help you in three possible ways:

  1. Offering a short consultation if you just have a few esoteric questions.
  2. Creating a bespoke travel plan, easing your adventure by booking everything for you, or
  3. Taking you on the most amazing guided tour you’ve ever had of the most enchanting country you’ve ever seen. To design your tour, I take into account your interests, from hiking to zip-wiring, shopping to museum-hopping, and more, and your unique needs and goals for the trip. My expertise helps you find the most interesting places, from off-beat music venues to little-known castles. 


I invite you to explore this site, browse the itineraries currently available, and read the blog posts about my adventures both in Dragon in Your Pocket LogoWales as well as a solo, friend, and family traveler and travel concierge.  Even if you’ve been to London or another population center in the UK, remember that the UK is so much more than London, and Wales is even more than Cardiff, as lovely and engaging a city as it is.

So, let’s book an adventure to Cymru/Wales together!

Email me at dragoninyourpocket@gmail.com for a quick response, and come to Gwlad (the land) and #FindYourEpic.

Croeso pawb i gwefan (Welcome everyone to the website)!!

— Lori

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