We love our clients! And they love us! Here's what they have to say about traveling with us.

“Dragon In your Pocket created an amazing weekend for our large group of 9 adults and 6 children. DIYP helped us secure economical transportation to and from London, then curated a beautiful and varied assortment of destinations and adventures that everyone in our group loved. DIYP arranged lodging that was magically atmospheric (most of the adults in our group wished we’d had an extra day or two just to enjoy the hotel), planned driving and walking tours that introduced us to the history and incredible beauty of Wales, entertained the kids (and adults) with Welsh folklore and fairytales, capped it all off with an exhilarating adrenaline rush of adventure tourism, and even booked reservations for our large party at some of the best local restaurants. Whether you’re planning a full week in Wales or just a weekend getaway from London, start with Dragon In Your Pocket

 – Marty M., Los Angeles, CA

“Lori and our Welsh guide Sharon, planned a short break for us in North Wales. We thoroughly enjoyed the bookings they made, and the bespoke guided tour of the Conwy valley and surrounding areas. We were particularly charmed by Gwydir Castle and Bodnant Garden. Thanks so much for making our first visit to Wales fabulous! It won’t be our last!

– Otis

“Lori really understood our desires and requirements for our trip, and her meticulous planning and research helped make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us. She took the time to understand our wants and special needs in detail and was able to fine-tune our trip, calm my nerves, and make our daughter’s 10th birthday/family vacation into what she calls “the best trip of my life!” It has sparked a desire for travel and adventure in our children so that they are constantly talking about where they want to go next. My husband is still telling everyone about the wonderful time we had, and all the fabulous first-time experiences Lori helped us with (Airbnb, Uber, tourist destinations).”


“When I travel, I like to have “a plan”. I like to know where I’m going to be, how I’m getting there, and that at night I’ll have a place to lay my head. Theoretically, if anything goes wrong (and something always goes wrong!), I like to have a backup plan.
So, when a few things went wrong on my recent trip, Lori handled it all with action and aplomb! She got on the phone and online and made necessary changes calmly and quickly. I’m ashamed to say that even as an experienced traveler, I actually felt like a slug, because I was no help at all. But honestly, it was amazing knowing that someone had everything under control and could just ‘handle it’.
If you haven’t had the luxury of traveling with someone who just naturally ‘gets’ the whole travel thing, then do so with all haste! That trip with Lori in charge of my necessities was the exact thing I needed in my life. A trip with Lori will recharge you too, making you ready to come back and face whatever you need to face!

– Susan

“We had no idea how to begin planning our trip. Lori was an absolute lifesaver! She helped us plan the entire vacation – from accommodations, transfers to and from the hotels and parks, and planning our complete itinerary. Without Lori’s help, we would’ve been frazzled and overwhelmed during the week. Instead, we had an awesome – and relaxing – vacation. I highly recommend Lori. She is extremely organized, dependable, knowledgeable, friendly, and energetic.

– Melissa

“Thank you so very much for being my Guide and making a trip that seemed impossible a reality. I discovered that your professional planning made my trip so much fun. I especially loved all the great dining experiences you planned. Not being familiar with the resorts I would have been wandering around in a daze overwhelmed with the choices. You were always positive and seemed to truly enjoy guiding me around. All I had to do was ask and you found what I needed, from dry socks to Band-aids to water!”


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