Not-to-be-missed experiences in North Wales, from a native’s perspective

North Wales is packed with a surprising number of unique experiences and activities for every kind of traveller! Active Anglesey outdoorsman and retired engineer, Bob Golden, took a moment to give us his list of the best of the best, for planning your trip to Wales.

Activities to do on land

We’ll start with relaxing activities that you can indulge yourself in:

  • Photography and painting – you can cover the gamut from landscapes and wildlife to rugged mountains, old quarries, and industrial workings – all in within a short distance of each other.
  • Cooking — various organisations and companies run courses on many styles of cooking, including native Welsh cooking (mmmm!). One of the best is the Bodnant Welsh Food Centre.
  • Flying trips — available for those with a head for heights, to give you an eagle eye’s view of the area. Traveling south to Cardiff from Anglesey’s Valley Airport (or vice versa) gives you an airbourne tour of the country!
  • Motorcycle tours — will let you enjoy some of the scenic roads in North Wales if you want to keep your feet on the ground (or at least close to it). Or try the Ty Croes motor track on Anglesey.
  • Four narrow-gauge, steam powered railways -– where else can you find 4 world-renowned and incredibly scenic rail trips within a short distance of each other? For railway enthusiasts, if you want to get your hands dirty you can also help with various tasks that need doing to support the operation of the railway.

For the more active amongst us, there is plenty to do to shed some pounds and more importantly, enjoy yourself:

  • Walk or climb mountains  — there are hills and mountains covering a range of terrains (and weather conditions – after all, this IS North Wales !).
  • Cross country running and orienteering — also let you experience the range of scenery (and conditions) the area has to offer.
  • Mountain biking – on different grades, in forests, open terrain, and downhill tracks which cater to a range of skills.
  • Road biking — at a more leisurely pace will let you see the local area in a way a car can’t.

Activities to do on the water

For travellers who do not mind getting their feet wet:

  • Sailing — both inshore and out on the Irish Sea — can provide a range of conditions and views for the keen sailor to enjoy. And if you want to hone your skills, the National Watersports Centre at Plas Menai provides sailing courses at all levels of ability, and also recognised qualifications to boot.
  • Boat tours — if you want someone else to undertake the navigation, try a boat trip to view the wildlife – both marine and bird – visit islands, and tour the beautiful coastline. Fast rib rides (RIB = rigid-hulled inflatable boat), available from both Menai Bridge and Beaumaris, offer stunning views of both Anglesey and the mainland, including some lush National Trust areas, as well as wildlife on Puffin Island.
  • Fishing trips — are also available, if you want to catch your own supper!
  • Kitesurfing & windsurfing — facilities and courses are available on Anglesey if you’re really energetic and want to stretch yourself!

Even more activities listed here at Go North Wales!

Of course, Dragon in Your Pocket can set you up with any of these activities on your trip to Wales. Contact us and we’ll make a plan together!

Photo credit: Go North Wales – a part of North Wales Tourism.


Please note: The information provided here is for informational purposes only. It is not meant as an endorsement of these activities or companies or any kind of safety guarantee. As always, take proper precautions when participating in activities.

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